• David Ossont

December bestsellers at Milford House Press

MILFORD HOUSE PRESS – Bestsellers for December 2019 (by Revenue)

1 Into the Attic of the World Joseph Mazerac

2 Secrets of the Galapagos Sharon Marchisello

3 The Vatican’s Vault Barry Libin

4 Murder at Henry’s Fork Peter Gibbs

5 Where Elephants Fought Bridget Smith

The Ghosts of Saratoga Ossont & Dampf

7 Chestnut Street Simon Landry

8 The Road to Lattimer Virginia Rafferty

9 Eden Waits Maryka Biaggio

10 All Aboard for Murder Raymond Ray

11 Atonement Kyle Alexander Romines

12 Dead of Autumn Sherry Knowlton

13 The Compass Island Incident Wade Fowler

14 H_NGM_N JC Gatlin

15 Magic Diary Pat LaMarche

Once again we're in the top ten. It's just at our publisher, not the NY Times or anything but still...


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